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Fandom: Supernatural

Characters: Dean Winchester

Word Count: 2,619

Author: Mischief

Themes: Angst, Arguing, Fluff


                Dean hadn’t told you anything. And you honestly weren’t sure if you were hurt or angry at him because of it.

                When Dean managed to find his way back from Purgatory you had dropped everything. Which hadn’t been hard actually since all you had been doing while he had been gone was drinking and trying to find your missing boyfriend. None the less, when you heard his voice on the other side of the phone call you rushed to be with him again.

                As Dean readjusted to life outside of Purgatory you did everything you could to make things go smoothly for him. You were there for him when he needed you and you gave him space when he needed it. You just never knew that when he was leaving to get some ‘space’, he was actually going to meet up with the vampire he met in purgatory: Benny.

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Prompt: “…Reader has a fight with Dean and it gets so bad that she just gets in a car and drives off but then the reader gets in an accident and maybe some fluff at the end? …” 

Word Count: 2,619

Warnings: Angst, Car Accident, Arguing


Dean hadn’t told you anything. And you honestly weren’t sure if you were hurt or angry at him because of it.

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When people with multiple personality disorders are about to die, whose life flashes before their eyes?

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